Street Food: Bun moc Ha Noi


To me, the best bun dish to eat in the Hanoi heat is bun moc. The article was published on Word Hanoi magazine – issue July 2013.  Photos by Francis Roux

With four seasons, Hanoi’s cuisine varies with the weather. Some dishes suit a specific season, other dishes suit another. So, what fare is best eaten in the summer?

Among the large range of traditonal bun dishes, many Hanoians call bun moc the bun of summer. Yet as with so much of Vietnamese cuisine, its origins are disputed.

Some believe it is named after the dish’s place of origin — Moc Village in the Thanh Xuan District of Hanoi. Others say its nomenclature is because of its typical ingredient, moc, a small pork ball made of pork meat paste blended with wood ear and shiitake mushroom. The pork ball creates the typical smell and taste of the soup. Others say the dish’s name is due to a combination of the above.

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