Street Food: Banh my thit xien nuong


Where the best banh my thit xien nuong in the city? The king of banh my thit xien nuong in my mind is always Banh my Ba Nga – Quang Trung street. Words by me. Photos by Francis Roux. The article was published on Word Vietnam Magazine Issue January 2014.

When I was growing up, my grandmother told me, “Bread is the dish of Western people, brought to Vietnam by the French. It is only for urban or upper class people. It is expensive and not for the working class like us…”

Today, this sounds far-fetched. For many years, bread or banh my (banh mi in the south), has been one of Vietnam’s street food staples.

 Banh my can be found everywhere. On the street pavements, on street corners, on hawkers’ bikes, in street food eateries and even on food stops on the highway.

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