Street Food: Nem Phung


A popular pairing with Hanoi’s favourite beverage, bia hoi, nem phung is as simple as it is delicious. Words by me.  Photos by David Harris. The article was published on Word Vietnam magazine – Issue April.

I remember reading a post written by a foreign blogger about Ta Hien in Hanoi, deeming it the city’s backpacker area. To young Hanoians, this ancient street is also known as the capital’s ‘international crossroads’, since it is the best-known gathering spot for expats, travellers and locals alike. Although it’s known mainly for its cheap bia hoi, or fresh beer, the crossroad’s numerous street eateries with simple and delicious local food is another reason for its draw. For many, there can be no bia hoi without pairing it with one of Hanoi’s signature snacks — nem phung.

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