Street food: Pho ga tron


A variation on the noble pho, pho ga tron is popular with Hanoians in the summer months. Words by me. Photos by David Harris. The article was published on Word Vietnam Magazine Issue July 2014.

Pho originated in the early 20th century in the northern province of Nam Dinh, and has since become a signature Hanoian dish. Over the past century it has developed a diverse range of variations. Not only are there pho noodles with broth — pho bo (beef pho) or pho ga (chicken pho) — but other offerings such as pho cuon, pho chien, pho xao and pho chay. Among these diverse choices, pho ga tron or mixed pho with chicken is a modern variation on a traditional favourite. If pho ga is eaten at breakfast to start off a new day, then pho ga tron is its younger sibling, best eaten for dinner.

With a changed way of combining ingredients, the cool mixed noodles are more suitable for the hot summers than its version with hot broth. Rich in taste, light but appetizing, pho ga tron is the perfect choice for the sweaty Hanoi weather of June, July and August.

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