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My story - Chuyện Tôi

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About Huyên Trần

About the blog and me Some of you may wonder why the blog title is HuyeenTraanViet. I am a Vietnamese. And in Vietnamese, double e means ê & double a means â. My full name is Trần Huyên. “Viet” here represents Vietnam and also writing in Vietnamese. Via the name, I would like to say I am proud of where I am from, as well as, I am always motivated to contribute to a better Vietnam. Again, I am Huyên. I love myself (even I am not sure I am treating myself well enough). I love my family, which is my biggest concern in life. I love personal development. I love writing. I love FOOD (it is caplocked as it is my great passion in life). I love friends. I love working in marketing & branding. ... There are so many many things I love in this life. Therefore, life can’t wait!!!

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