La Patisserie Chez Moi

When it comes to Hanoi’s experience of bakeries, besides big names like Nguyen Son bakery, Thu Huong, which are bakery chains for take away, small patisseries opened by local pastry chefs often showcase their cake display cases near the road, so that passers-by can see their cakes. Therefore, it is not easy to find patisseries with windows full of glorious gateaux, charming chocolates and other tempting treats. To me, that kind of pastry shops is exactly what would offer cake and tea experiences that satisfy my sweet cravings. On searching petite pastry like that, La Patisserie Chez Moi is the one that makes me keep coming back.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 1.06.21 PM
Photos by: Julie Vola – Word Vietnam Issue May 2015.

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Street food: Streetside Barbecue


Following my nose, I take a trip to the famous BBQ joint on Quan Su. Words by me. Photos and edits by Nick Ross. The article was published on Word Hanoi Issue March 2013.

I remember reading somewhere that the smell of bun cha is so irresistible that when the aroma of chargrilled pork drifts through the air, it’s impossible to focus on driving, even if you’re not hungry. And if the smell of chargrilled pork makes bun cha the so-called most tempting street food dish for lunchtime Hanoi, then do nuong or streetside barbeque is its nighttime equivalent.
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